Del Mar Farms


Del Mar Farms was founded in 1983 by owners Jon Maring and Lee Del Don.  Both owners were in their early twenties when purchasing their first plot of land in the Westley area.  They first started growing bell peppers from 1983 to 1996.  Today Del Mar Farms has shown tremendous growth over the past 25 years.  Jon and Lee now farm various crops ranging from apricots to zucchini.  They have vertically integrated their business to include packing, cooling, storage, marketing, chemicals, fertilizers, trucking, seed, harvesting, and equipment rental.

Additional Companies


Del Don Chemical                   209.894.6404      

Del Don Fertilizer                    209.894.6405

Del Mar Trucking                    209.894.6405

Del Don Equipment Rental     209.894.6405

Del Mar Seed Company          209.894.5600