Along with growing various commodities and fresh produce, Del Mar Farms has integrated picking, packing, shipping, and other enterprises into their company. 




Del Mar Farms commodities are harvested using state of the art equipment and the latest technology.  Harvest season is unique to each commodity with apricots beginning in May, melons beginning in July, roma tomatoes beginning late July and almonds peaking in September.






Sanitizing and Packing:


Fresh market apricots, roma tomatoes and almonds are grown by Del Mar Farms and packed at Del Mar Packing facilities in Westley.  When the freshly picked apricots arrive they are sanitized, graded, and packed into boxes according to variety and size.  Fresh market tomatoes are harvested at peak maturity.  The tomatoes are sent to Westley to be sanitized, cooled and packed.   Almonds are harvested and shipped to the Del Mar Packing facilities to be sized, sorted and packaged after being hulled.  Grown cantaloupes and honeydews are shipped to Del Mar Packing to be cooled to keep freshness and quality. 








All the products packed at Del Mar Packing are marketed in house.  Please contact the following people for interest in our almonds, apricots, cantaloupes, honeydews, roma tomatoes or other available produce at: (209) 894-5555


Anthony Wright   Ext# 123

Angelo Alejandre  Ext# 125

Heriberto Hernandez Ext# 124



Food Safety

 Food Safety is handled by Roman Mosqueda from Del Mar Packing. 

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